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Top Headshot Photographers for Actors in New York

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Actors Headshots: Best Headshot Photographers in NYC

Shooting your first headshot can be intimidating. There is so much to think about and they are expensive, so you want to get them right!

I have compiled a list of the top NYC headshot photographers because I know that finding the right photographer can be daunting and time consuming.

You want the best headshot you can get, and you also want to shoot with a photographer that is going to be right for you and your career right now. 

Over the course of my career I’ve shot with dozens of photographers across North America and Europe, changing my headshots when my looks changed, branding or to suit the current market.

Every actor is unique, just like the photographers listed below. Here are some of the top headshot photographers in New York.


“Commercial” is just like it sounds, meant for commercials. Shots tent to feature brighter colors and patterns, and be brightly lit. 

“Theatrical” means film and television in industry lingo and tends to be more dramatic  and often a little darker shots. These should really convey depth and character

FOR WOMEN: You will absolutely need someone to do you make-up and light hair styling. Unless you are very experienced in film and television photography I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself, so there is an added expense. The current going rate is $150 – $175. I know, it sucks, but it’s really a must!

FOR MEN: Having hair and light make-up done is a real game changer. There’s not an actor on the planet who steps in front of a camera without having this done. The cost is a little bit less for men, usually around $125.

Find a Great Headshot Photographer in New York City!

Baza Productions
Does more creative shots than traditional actors headshots. Not the best choice for beginners.
Starting at: $300

Ben Esner Photography 
“Dynamic, engaging affordable.” Really beautiful and unique shots … not cookie cutter like many photographers get into the habit of.
Starting at: $329

Really clean, bright headshots. Works a lot with models and corporate headshots as well.
Starting at: $499

Chris Macke Photography 
Warm, engaging headshots with just a bit of an edge. Perfect for dramatic actors. 
Starting at: $595

Christian Webb
Beautiful portrait style headshots. Also shoots less polished looking pics for extras. Also shoots in Atlanta.
Starting at: $600

City Headshots
Bright and clean with a “realistic feel”. Great for commercials.
Starting at: $149

David Genik 
Tends to shoot ¾ shots. Dark, clean shots without being overly touched-up. Would work well for commercial or theatrical.
Starting at: $350

David Noles
Good commercial shots with a slightly filtered look. No price listed, but seems well suited to beginning actor.
Starting at: prices not listed

Downtown Headshots NYC 
Tends to shoot in natural light. Very natural shots good for new actors
Starting at: $200

Emily Lambert Photography 
Clean actors headshots in NYC, Atlanta and LA (depending on travel schedule and availability)  Good for commercials, but a little pricy for new actors.
Starting at: $730

Hancock Headshots
“Natural, authentic style with emphasis on meaningful eye contact.” Beautiful clear, bright shots. Would recommend for intermediate actors.
Starting at: $399

Jeffrey Mosier Photography
From the photographer: “Grounded and organic headshots of real people.” Better for experienced actors who are clear on their type.
Starting at: $725

Jeremy Folmer Photography 
Fun, natural shots. Great for commercials an newer actors.
Starting at: $595

Jessica Osber Photography 
Beautiful bright and clean dramatic shots. Would work well for promo shots as well.
Starting at: prices not listed

Joe Henson
Much more for portraits, editorial and promotional shots. 
Starting at: $695

Joe Jenkins 
Does a variety of headshots including editorial and corporate. Actors headshots lean towards dramatic and could work for either commercial or theatrical.
Starting at: prices not listed

Jordan Matter Studio 
Has a great understanding of character shots and amazing shots of dancers!
Starting at: prices not listed

JW Headshots 
Clean bright shots perfect for commercials or new dramatic actors.
Starting at: $350

Laura Volpacchio Photography 
Does a lot of wedding and family portraits but also bright clean commercial actors headshots.
Starting at: $495

Leslie Hassler Studio 
Bright, fun, authentic character shots. A little pricy for beginning actors.
Starting at: $850

Lindsay Van Norman Photography 
Great commercial and promotional headshots.
Starting at: $400

Mark Reay Photography
“Headshots that are real.” Darker edgier shots. Good for character actors  seeking dramatic roles.
Starting at: $575

Melany Bernier
Melany reply like to direct her sessions and goes out of her way to make actors feel comfortable.
Starting at: $650

Melissa Hamburg Photography
Honest, dynamic headshots with a cinematic feel
Starting at: $445

Mia Isabella Photography
“We keep our headshot sessions cheerful and informal in order to capture your true expression”….. and seems to do a great job at exactly this!
Starting at: $425

Michael Levy Photography 
Slightly gritty and natural feel. Also does branding and model portfolios.
Starting at: prices not listed

Nile Scott Studios 
Bright, fun commercial shots! Also does musicians, corporate, portraits and more.
Starting at: $675

Pic Me! Headshots
Aside from the adorable name, the website is friendly and shots are clean and realistic. Recommend for new and intermediate actors.
Starting at: $250

Peter Hurley 
Bright clean shots – shoots primarily on white background.
Starting at: $500

Philip Kessler Studio 
Great choice for young actors. Bright clean shots
Starting at: $550

Outdoor shooting. Very natural shots. Good for commercial or dramatic
Starting at: $450

Ricardo Birnbaum Photographer 
Very natural looking character shots. Great for commercials or portraits, but a little pricey for new actors or general headshots.
Starting at: $800

Sub/Urban Photography 
Quirky character shots. Perfect if you are going for a very specific type of look. 
Starting at: prices not listed

Susan Stripling
Does lots of weddings and engagements and her headshots have a lovely portrait feel.
Starting at: $600

Ted Ely Headshots 
Very expressive personality shots. Great for promo shots to really let your charisma shine.
Starting at: prices not listed

Tess Steinkolk / Brown Dog Productions
“Realistic” and grittier style of NYC headshots. Not glam shots. Good for character and seasoned actors
Starting at: $475

Todd Estrin Photography 
Classic actors headshots. Good mix of beauty and naturalism. Would work well for new or established actors.
Starting at: prices not listed

Xanthe Elbrick Photography 
Headshots have a very natural and commercial feel. Also family portraits and events. A little pricy for the beginning actor.
Starting at: $1395

Here are some tips to remember when choosing a photographer:

  • Find a photographer you’ll be comfortable shooting with and shoots people who look like YOU. Many photographers today will offer a quick Zoom consult. This is a good tome to get a feel for the person, their style and to see if you’re a good fit to work together. It’s also way more comfortable than meeting them for the first time on the day of your shoot. To get great headshots, you’ve absolutely got to be comfortable with your photographer!
  • Look very carefully at their website and portfolio. You can tell a lot from the look and feel of someone’s website. Do you instantly love their work? Does it go well with your style and brand? Or do you see actor headshots in their portfolio that you really don’t like? If that’s the case, even if a fantastic actor, agent or coach recommended them, they probably aren’t going to work well for you.
  • Pricing. I’ve listed the last posted starting prices here, but be sure to  look at all of the pricing options. Maybe you need 2 looks or three? What is going to work for you right now. Be clear on how many looks and photos you get as well as the cost of retouching…. And yes, everything will need to be retouched and color corrected at least a little!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some suggestion are:

  • How many changes does this include
  • How many shots will I get to chose from?
  • Do I get high resolution shots?
  • When will I get the proof and how do I view them.
  • How much for hair and make-up?  
  • How many changes of clothes should I bring in total?
  • What colors or patterns should I avoid?
  • How much is retouching?

Los Angeles has some of the best headshot photographers in the biz! Check them out and find the headshot photographer who is perfect for you.

Check out these lists if you need headshots in LA or Atlanta!

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Find the best headshot photographers for actors in NYC. Headshot photographers for actors in New York City at!

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