How To Find Acting Auditions Without An Agent And Audition From ANYWHERE! Learn how to find acting auditions, how to audition without an agent, how to audition, how to self submit for an audition and book acting jobs!

How To Find Acting Auditions Without an Agent ….and Where To Find Them

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If you’re a new actor or even a seasoned professional, an acting career largely depends on the number and quality of acting auditions you can find and be called in for.  Whether you are looking for acting auditions in Los Angeles, auditions in New York, Atlanta, Chicago or any other major market, you are definitely going to find them online… and lots of them!

Everyday new actors pour into the big cities where movies are made and tv series are being cast, in hopes of pursuing an acting career. And lots of time big dreams go with this; like dreams of being signed with a top Hollywood agent or agency, and then sitting back and just waiting for the auditions and work to roll in! Needless to say, that almost never happens. Most of us end up working our butts off just to get ahead, and many quit, completely overwhelmed because they don’t know the next steps. Don’t let this be you! 

While there are many steps to having a successful career as an actor, where to find auditions is really one of the easier ones, so let’s jump in a take a closer look. 

Today, almost all auditions are posted online somewhere. Yes, there are still a select number that go out to agents and managers, but you’d have to be a little further along in your career to have a shot at those anyway, so let’s take a look at the huge number of auditions that are readily available to you right now.

The Major Players

Before we jump into the free sites, I have to talk about the biggies.There are two major audition sites that serve the U.S., Canada and Australia. Those sites are Actors Access / Breakdown Services and Casting Networks / LA Casting

These are the really the huge ones and will become absolutely essential once you are repped by an agent or a manager. They are both paid sites and have additional charges for uploading headshots, demo clips etc. They are the same sites that all of the casting directors, talent agents and managers use. Before you get too excited, the majority of the auditions posted on these sites are not available to the general public – even paying for them. They are only available to agents, who, then in turn, submit their clients. I absolutely do not recommend these when you are just starting out. You need to get a little experience, get some credits and build your resume first. And there are so many places to find auditions for free. 

A few more of the larger paid sites are Casting Frontier, Now Casting, Backstage and  StarNow. They are also paid sites, but again, not my first recommendation for newbies.

Free Auditions and Casting Calls for Actors: the Websites

There are a ton of great sites for finding auditions when you’re first starting out. So many in fact that I decided to dedicate a separate article to just dealing with that. At the time that I’m writing this I have listed 11 of the best free acting audition sites.

You can read the a detailed description of all the sites here: 

If you’re serious about finding acting auditions and paying gigs, I would highly encourage you to go through these sites, take a look at what’s available and set up a free online profile where you can. This is going to be great prep for when you do get on the bigger casting sites.

Finding Acting Auditions on Social Media

Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of social media, especially Facebook groups. Yes, I have booked jobs directly as a result of my social media contacts and there are some amazing groups for actors. A few of my favorites for auditions are Los Angeles Casting CallsHollywood & Los Angeles Central Casting Calls & Auditions – Actors & Models, NYC and East Coast Casting Calls and Atlanta Georgia Casting Calls & Auditions for Film/TV Actors & Actresses .

I can almost guarantee you that there are more in your city, town or area, and as a matter of fact, if you have any recommendations, please write me here.

The thing I love about Facebook groups is that they are almost always run by hands-on people working in the industry and often other actors and actresses, so they have a very low tolerance for B.S.. The groups tend to really monitor what auditions are posted and kick anyone out who is shady or trying to take advantage of actors.

You can read the full article on my ever growing list of Facebook Groups for Actors here: 

These are the top and the best places to look for acting auditions online for free and even a few paid options. The first step is to get out there and get going, you really just have to test the waters. Action educates you. You’ll always know more after taking the next step than you did just sitting around thinking about it!

  • What are your goals for your acting career? 
  • Where do you live?
  • Are there audition and casting sites specific to your area or market? 

Would love to hear from some U.K. and Australian actors!

Post your answers in the comments below. I’ll be sure to answer every one!

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