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16 Best Facebook Groups for Actors to Connect, Meet Reps and Find Work

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Although Facebook seems to be losing ground in term of the importance of fan pages and as a place to showcase your materials, it can still be a really good place to connect and gather resources. And yes, I have made some career changing connections and booked work directly from my Facebook profile, so it’s worth investing a little bit of time!

Here are 16 of the best Facebook groups I have rounded up as a place for actors to connect, get information and maybe even book a job or two 🙂

TMFA Talent Managers for Actors 

*This is a really good group for new actors and use to be the first place I would suggest to new actors to start, but the groups seems to having some difficulty recently. I’m keeping my eye on it and will update.

The group is the brainchild of veteran talent manager Wendy Alane Wright who also heads the group, but there is a long list of industry pros, including talent agents, managers and acting coaches, who moderate as well. With more than 66k members  the group is extremely active. Every day of the week has a different them, example: #MonologueMonday #ShamelessSelfPromotionWeekend and the first Sunday of every month is #RepresentationSunday. If you’re new to the biz, looking for info and a way to connect with agents and managers directly, this is the place!

From the Group Admin: “This is an international page to help actors and other people in the entertainment industry give each other FREE HELP. This group is  pro-union and anti-pay-to-play.”

Rehearsal & Self-Tape Partners For Actors

Just like it sounds, this is the place to find a self tape or rehearsal parter…. Something that we are all going to need much more of moving forward! Post on there if you are available or if you need someone to rehearse with. The group currently has 7k members so you have a pretty good shot of finding someone,  but also be sure to be equally generous with your time 🙂

From the Group Admin: “A group dedicated to helping actors find rehearsal & self-tape partners anywhere in the world! Whether you use the Actor Trade app to find instant rehearsal & SELF TAPE partners or meet in person, this is a place for actors to help each other out!”

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Casting Directors for Actors and Actresses

Started by veteran casting director Billy DaMota, this group was intended as an alternative way for actors to connect with casting directors other than pay to play. While it’s a large group with 40k members, I don’t find much activity from casting directors here. It’s mostly about actors posting about projects they’ve got going on as well as casting notices for indie projects. Still, a great place to connect with other people in the industry!

From the Group Admin: “Casting Directors for Actors and Actresses is a private group dedicated to assisting actors who want to move forward in their careers by directing them toward legitimate goods and services, and away from the scam artists and money grubbers. Another goal is to get filmmakers together with actors, taking the exchange of cash out of the equation. If you’re a casting director/associate/assistant, a talent agent, manager, producer or director – and especially if you’re an actor, we hope you’ll join us in making this group a tool that will lift us all up in an honest, ethical and professional way.”

Actors and Casting Directors Unite for FREE 

Run by Los Angeles Casting Director Dea Vise, this group currently has 12k members. It’s a very active and dynamic place to connect with other actors, get some advice and maybe even score an audition or two.

From the Group Admin: “This is an international page to help actors and other people in the entertainment industry give each other FREE HELP. This group is  pro-union and anti-pay-to-play.”

The Original Actors Helping Actors

Just like the name suggests, this is a group for actors to connect with other actors and offer advice and support. Similar to TMFA, this group has theme days – Social Media Wednesday, where you post links to you account and follow other actors, and Demo Reel Thursday where you can post your reel or clips and get feedback. With more than 16k members the group is very active and a great place to connect.

From the Group Admin:  “Welcome to Actors Helping Actors, the Facebook group where actors support, encourage and inspire each other every single day!!! We also have some talent reps, casting directors and other industry professionals as members, which is an added bonus!

In this group, you can share your successes, voice your opinion, share ideas, share knowledge, encourage each other and ask questions EVERY day. We all need support from each other. You can get thoughts on headshots, monologues, reels or whatever you like.”

Social Media Savvy Actors

Need to up-level your social media game? Find out exactly what you should. Be doing with your social media accounts? And where to start… which platform is best for you? Jump into this group run by social media expert Heidi Dean. Currently with almost 6k members, Heidi is extremely consistent in posting every couple of days and keeps the group moving forward. 

From the Group Admin:  “Hello and welcome to the #SocialMediaSavvyActors, a FREE group hosted by Heidi Dean to help you rock your social media for your acting career! 1. NO PERSONAL PROMOS ALLOWED IN A POST OR COMMENTS (Unless it’s “Woo hoo Wednesday” or a “Follow Steam” where we share our projects and follow each other) 2. NO QUOTE IMAGES PLEASE. …”

Yes, it is possible to book work direct off of Facebook! Check here for tips on how to optimize your profile to score those jobs!

Paul Weber Casting

This is another group hosted by a casting director with the intention of offering actors a place to connect. Paul Weber is a well known and very reputable Los Angeles casting director and posts in the group about once a week. With almost 8k members, there is a lot of discussion amongst actors and an excellent resource for industry information. 

From the Group Admin: ** Paul hasn’t posted anything in this section yes, but I may bug him and see if we can get a little more info 🙂

Jami Rudofsky Casting

I think the group description says it all. As well as being an established Hollywood Casting Director, Jami runs an acting studio, offers classes and private sessions. With more than 14k members posting you’re bound to find something useful!

From the Group Admin:  “This is the page for all things Jami Rudofsky Casting has to offer. Actors, come join, let me know what you are working on. I will also post stuff I’m casting so you can reach out to me this way! Sound good???”

Women in Film and Television International

Okay, this is a no brainer! If you’re in the biz, and you are female, you really need to be part of this group. As much as I love the film and television industry, it’s a business where women have been continually marginalized and under-represented. True Fact: When I started acting the number of roles for males to females were 10:1. Those numbers have improved, but are no where near equitable, and are even more disparate behind the camera. 

With 13.5k members, this is a fantastic place for women in all aspects of the business from anywhere in the world to meet, network, exchange ideas and connect. 

From the Group Admin:  “Women in Film & Television International (WIFTI) is a global network for women, trans* & non binary people working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media. In this group we network, share ideas, questions, female role models, activism, good examples and support each other. There are 50 WIFT and WIFT-like networks on six continents with more than 20 000 members. WIFTI is the hub for all of these networks.”


Just like it sounds, this group is strictly for casting calls in the Los Angeles area. With 21k members  the group is very active and a great place to look for jobs and auditions if you are in LA.

From the Group Admin:  “A platform for casting directors, producers and filmmakers to out-reach to actors, extras, background, models, talent for their upcoming project, auditions, open calls, rush calls, and general casting calls. Friendly reminder that this group is for those who are posting castings in Los Angeles area. Self-promotion posts will be removed.”

Looking for more casting calls? Check out this incredible resource.

Hollywood & Los Angeles Central Casting Calls & Auditions – Actors & Models

YES!! More casting calls! This is another great place to find job postings and auditions. Check the “About” section as they also have links to other Facebook groups for Arizona Casting Calls, Kids Casting Calls and more. It’s also a pretty high volume group with about 18k members. 

From the Group Admin:  “Welcome to the group. This group is for everyone in the Los Angeles and Hollywood Area to post casting calls and auditions, and to fin paid and unpaid work. Good Luck in your acting and film career. We hope to see you on TV or in the Movie Theaters Soon!”

LA Actors Circle

This is another huge group with 17k members and is fairly active and lively with a lot of actors posting everything from classes to headshot retouching.  Even if you’re not in LA I would highly recommend checking out this group. Great place to connect and get industry info!

From the Group Admin:  “You can post anything related to the industry such as castings job etc. We just don’t want a lot of post on buy this or that which was happening. Thank you for asking:) please also feel free to post if you are looking for a roommate, jobs etc. We are here to support each other:)”

Los Angeles Actors, Models & Photographers – TFP/Paid Work

With almost 8k members the group seems to get a decent number of postings, although because it’s also TFP – Trade for Prints, there’s a lot of reality shows and non-paying work here. Still, if you want to build your portfolio this is a good resource to have. 

From the Group Admin:  “Los Angeles Actors, Models & Photographers – TFP/Paid Work. Requirements for casting posts: LOCATION, SHOOT DATE(S), UNION STATUS (UNION or NON-UNION), COMPENSATION (Paid/Unpaid)….” [see the group for more]

Headshots for Casting Directors

Want some place to post your headshot? Maybe get some feedback? And maybe a casting director will stop by and take a look! This is a group with 3k members is hosted by a friend of mine and fellow actor Steve Shermett. As group admin, Steve really stays on top of things and keeps the group moving and spam-free. He’s also pretty proactive in promotion, so I’d highly recommend you check it out!

From the Group Admin:  “A place for headshots only. Keep it simple…and usable so that we can network. Spread word. Let’s be the internet’s #1 destination for headshots! See the Sample Template pinned to the top of this group page. Use only 1 OR 2 photos max.”

Need to step up your headshot game? Read this….

Film Industry Network

With a whopping 142k members this group offers incredibly diverse content across the industry and internationally. It seems to be more focused on film making than acting, but that can also offer beneficial industry contacts. Fabulous resource!

From the Group Admin:  “This group is dedicated to help media professionals connect with each other from around the world. Whatever your job is, this group is for you to be able to reach the people you need for your projects and to ask for advice. Photographers / actors / comedians / casting/ job seekers/ employers / directors / models / trainers / voice over artists / directors / scriptwriters / ADs / producers / editor…..”

Open Mic Comedy Los Angeles

Think you’re funny? Have an interest in doing stand-up? Maybe braving an open mic? AND …. do you live in LA? With 4.5k members lots of great opportunities here for LA comics.

From the Group Admin:  “This group is to post opportunities for stage time for comics. Not promote or advertise yourself or your shows. Discussion or advice or questions or reviews of open mics are encouraged. Casting notices and anything providing opportunities for Comics are fine as well.”

Did you find this article helpful? Post it, tweet it, share it, pin it! And send it to actor friends who could use the info too! Questions or feedback..? Head to the comments section below!

Facebook can be an amazing resource to start your acting career. Learn how to use Facebook to become an actor at MyActorGuide.com

* Please Note:  I am not an agent, manager, or casting director. I do not procure work for actors. All information, workshops and coaching are for educational purposes only and are not a guarantee or promise of employment. Thank you for being here!

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