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If you’re going to pursue acting professionally, you going to need professional equipment and actor tools.

Whether it’s recording gear, instant downloads and courses or fun wearable and swag…. there is so much here to support you and your lifestyle as an actor. 

Because being an actor is a lifestyle. And you deserve to pursue your dreams with freedom and support. 

That is why I put together an awesome collection of products and services to help you create the life of your dreams!

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Want everything together?

Audition checklists for actors. Learn how to self-tape an audition step-by-step.

The Ultimate Audition Pack

Fillable guides and checklists to help you ace every audition


Resume templates for new actors! What to put on an actor resume

New Actor Resumes Starter Pack

Professional industry standard resumes specifically designed for new actors with fewer credits and experience


Resume templates for actors. Perfect formatting for 8x10 actor resume.

Pro Actor Resumes Super Pack

5 Resume Templates formatted in 8×10 for pro actors with more credits and experience


Actor Favorites on Amazon

rode microphone kit for voice actors

Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

collapsible photography backdrop for actors

Kate Collapsible Backdrops for Photography Grey Blue Pop Up Backdrop Blue Grey Photography Background, 5×6.5ft

ring light for actors

Aureday Upgraded 12” Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder, Dimmable

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You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Hey… I’m Hunter Phoenix!

I’m the founder of My Actor Guide. I’m a career actress, model and voice over artist with 20+ years experience in 8 different countries. And I have a passion for all things acting + entertainment industry … almost all of it!

I remember wanting to try the whole “acting thing” as a career and just not having any idea where to begin; no training, no experience, no agent, or family in the industry – but I created an acting career from scratch! You can too.

Every age, every nationality, every size, every level of experience.

My mission is to help you unlock your creativity and courage to try acting as a new career or to fully pursue this dream and passion on a path that you have already started on.

Let Me + My Actor Guide help you with the how.

Hunter Phoenix |

Make your dreams come true!

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