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Key Tips for all Background Actors to Know. How to be a background actor on TV or a movie extra
How to b a background actor on TV or a movie extra with no experience. Find everything you need to know here.
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How to b a background actor on TV or a movie extra with no experience. Find everything you need to know here.

Becoming a movie extra or background performer involves a few basic steps:
1. Take a good quality actor’s headshot
2. Research background talent agencies in your area
3. Contact the agencies for sign-up info, open calls etc.
4. Register with at least one background casting agency
5. Submit your work authorization documentation and take any additional photos they require
6. Begin working as a non-union extra right away!
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Learn how to become an actor with no experience. Work full-time as an actor, model and voice over talent!

This week I decided to share something a little different… how I got started in the biz. It’s not a vanity piece (I hope!), but sometimes I just find it so discouraging to read another interview with a celebrity – the newest, hottest 21 year old, who had showbiz parents, went toRead More →