Free listing of LA and NYC Casting Director open call auditions, general meetings and monologue challenges. Find casting director classes to become an actor and boost your acting career. #acting #castingdirector #becomeanactor #actorslife

Casting Director Generals, Open Calls, Monologue Challenges and other fun stuff!

Self Tapes and Monologue Challenges The #BGBWorldMonologue Challenge, initiated by BGB actor, writer, and teacher, Kyle

Anti-racism resources for Black Lives Matter. Find resources for diversity, inclusion, black lives matter reading list, viewing list and more. #blm #antiracism #acting

Anti Racism Resources For Actors

**NOTE: I will be updating this periodically This has been such an incredibly stressful time for

Where actors can find scripts, scenes and monologues for showcases and auditions. Links, lists, websites and more!

Where To Download Scenes, Monologues and Scripts for Open Call Auditions

As actors, we are always going to need practice scenes and monologues for auditions and workshops. 


Top Hollywood Casting Directors Offer Their Best Audition Advice

As actors, we often think of casting directors as being the gatekeepers in this business; somewhat unaccessible and trying to keep us at arms length. But the truth is, casting is generally on our side. They truly wants actors to succeed! Yes, it is also their job is to collaborate


Talent Agents VS Manager: What’s The Difference?

As long as there have been actors, I’m sure there have been agents and managers. But as the industry has gotten more and more specialized over the years, the role of agents and managers has


How Studying Shakespeare Instantly Makes You a Better Actor

There is an old saying in theatre, “Once you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything.” Although studying Shakespeare as a new actor can feel daunting, I have found the adage to be true; it’s absolutely invaluable.

Thinking about starting a career in voice over? The voiceover industry has really taken off! Here are eight simple tips for starting a career in VO. |

How To Start A Career in Voiceovers

Do you want to become an actor? You're going to need headshots! So what do you wear to a headshot shoot? Find out at The ultimate resource for new actors!

What to Wear for Headshots