How to use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Acting Career. Become an actor with no experience!

12 Ways to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dream Acting Career

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Today I’m going to venture out of the norm and talk about something a little different. Acting is probably one of the most challenging careers you can choose. While there are all of the “nuts a bolts” of it, like actually learning how to act, branding, promotion, casting director relationships, film industry terms, auditioning skills and more, what it does have in common with other big goals is the actual dream itself. 

 So much of the information of having a successful acting career deals with the practical, day-to-day work of creating a strong, viable career. But actors, by nature, are sensitive souls and powerful creators. Part of manifesting your dreams is creating a clear vision for your life, and then deliberately cultivating beliefs and feelings, paired with actions that support that vision. 

If you haven’t done this already, or not in a while, take some time to sit down and bring this vision clearly into focus. Doing this opens the door for desires to manifest and allows the Law of Attraction to go to work for you. 

To give you some clear direction, a little bit of structure and inspiration, here are 12 ways you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest your acting dreams.

1. Visualize living your dream. 

Spend  a few minutes every day visualizing yourself living your just one aspect of your dream life. If you really want a career as an actor, try to keep it career and acting focused, versus the results of that career. And example would be to see yourself working on-set with one of your Hollywood idols and getting a big fat paycheck, not just thinking about the new Bentley that paycheck might buy. 

2. Clean up your clutter.

This may sound crazy, but when you have a lot of physical, digital, mental or emotional clutter, there’s not a lot of room for anything new to come in. Clear out your physical space, your hard drive and cloud storage. Deal with issues that are causing you to feel brain-fog or mentally bogged down. And the deal with any emotional anxiety, insecurity or guilt that might be standing in your way. A little bit of any of these is normal, but quickly self-assess and figure out what might be a problem. Let go of anything that no longer serves you or doesn’t help you to feel and live your best.

3. Create a new energetic “calling card”.

Imagine for just a minute that you already had the acting career of your dreams. You’re reading scripts everyday, maybe make a couple of movies a year, or have a sweet job as a series regular.  You’re well known in the industry and have a huge fan base. What would you be doing differently? Would you walk, talk or think differently? What habits would you have that you don’t right now? And can you make room for even one or two this month?

Our energy enters the room before we do. This is what I call your “energetic calling card”. Does yours say “successful working actor” or something else? Get a clear picture of You the way you’d like to be and start living more in more alignment with that vision.

4. Create a vision board. 

Vision boards have magic in them! Is’s almost like sending out a Bat Signal to the universe when you take the time to sit down and get clear on your goals, your ideal vision for your life, and to collect the images that convey this. Suddenly your subconscious kicks into high-gear and your incredible brain starts looking for ways to bring these images to life. Vision boards can be physical or electronic; personally, I use both. Collect pictures online that represent your ideal life, pop them into a folder and use them as a screensaver, or make a photo collage and hit a copy shop and print it out. However you choose to do it, keep your vision front of mind. 

5. Physically align your actions with your dream.

Let’s say you want six pack abs, just looking at pictures isn’t going to cut it! You’re going to have to get into action. Make a list of action steps you could take to start moving towards your goal. Now start prioritizing. Which ones are the most “high value targets” and is there something you have to do first? For example, maybe you want to look for an agent, but your headshots are outdated or you don’t have any at all. The headshots come before the agent search. 

6. Use a weekly planner. 

I know, I said this was going to be about the vision and the dream, but goals and action steps are there to help the Law of Attraction along. Lean into this vision and meet the universe half way. Using a weekly planner and getting 1-3 career items on your calendar will help you stay focused on what you want, and sends a message to your subconscious that you’re going to get it!

7. Celebrate your wins.

Don’t get so focused on your big dream that you forget to notice all of the cool and wonderful things that are coming together to support this dream. Not too many people book a series regular role without doing a lot of auditions and booking smaller roles first. Celebrate your wins and accomplishments big or small. Again, it reinforces the message to the universe that you are happy with the progress and solidifies the idea in your mind that this is a real and worthwhile pursuit. 

8. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Along with celebrating the wins comes genuine appreciation and gratitude. Have you ever helped someone out and they didn’t say thank you? Not so much fun, right? You don’t have to gush every day, but just notice what’s going right in your life? What little bits of luck or good fortune have crept in? Or what is something that is just so frigging cool? Sending a clear signal to the Universe that you are really appreciative attracts more to be grateful for into life.

9. Follow your intuition.

The biggest problems in my life have always come when I didn’t listen to my intuition. Alternately, the biggest blessings also have showed up in my life when I have listened to my intuition. Actors tend to be highly sensitive, so use this to your advantage. Pay attention to what your inner voice and internal guidance system is telling you. Whenever you get that little ping that tells you to create a new project, call a particular person, take a certain class or attend an event – in-person or virtual, or not to do something, trust it. No one knows you and your life better than you, No One. 

10. Expect to win.

So many people have big dreams and goals, that are really more hope than anything else. Maybe someone told you that the odds are stacked against you. And you have probably never done anything like this before, because very few careers even come close to acting, so where would you get the proof that you can do it? I once watched an interview with billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, and one thing he said really struck me; when he bought the team, that at the time had been on a pretty serious loosing streak, he let them know that thee COULD win and that they were EXPECTED to win! I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell Mark Cuban why that was impossible, so don’t let yourself get away with excuses to yourself either. 

11. Live in the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle put it perfectly when he said “be here now”. And that’s actually the first rule of acting: be present and live in the moment. If you are constantly reliving the past or worrying about the future, you are going to miss out on important things and beautiful things going on around you right now. You’ve lived through the past, and good or bad, it’s done. Constantly looking in the rearview mirror hoping to see something better than where you’ve just been isn’t reasonable. To continue with the car analogy, you’ll not only miss out on the cool scenery around you, but you just might crash and burn. You can plan for the future, but you can’t live one minute ahead of where you are at right now. The present is where your power is.

12. Realize it’s a process, not an event.

Manifesting your dreams instantly would be lovely but really that’s a lottery win. And most lottery winners are broke again in 3-5 years. Creating, manifesting and building takes time. It’s the experience, the expertise and the body of work that make us love A-List actors. The one-hit-wonders fall off the radar pretty quickly. Your dream career, and life itself, is a process, not an event. I always say that I wish it was an event, then we could have balloons! Allow it to unfold. Allow space for magic to take place, and you just might be amazed at what happens. 

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