Jeff Daniels on Kelly & Ryan talk about getting his big break!

No experience. No credits. One BIG Break

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I don’t usually share this kind of stuff, but this is just too good not to share!

I came across a 1 minute video clip where Jeff Daniels talk about booking his first on-camera role which just which just happened to be a LEAD ROLE in a major feature film with Jack Nicholson.

He had …. NO CREDITS, NO EXPERIENCE and didn’t go to a fancy drama school. What he did have was acting chops and perseverance! He may have had the odds stacked against him, but Jeff Daniels still did the work; he learned the craft, became a great actor, put in the time and went to auditions. He didn’t quit and he didn’t do it half-way. (Spoiler Alert: he acted on Broadway).

But the story is still incredible.

It’s literally 1 minute. 

Watch it. It’ll give you chills.

xo Hunter

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