What is an actors headshot? How do I shoot one? Should actors smile in headshots? Find out what it's like to shoot your first actors headshot with the HeadshotTruck.com at MyActorGuide.com!

[VIDEO] Actors Headshots: A Guide to Your First Session

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“What is an actor’s headshot?” “Do I really need one?” “What happens in a headshot session?” These are all questions I’ve been getting asked lately by new actors. Sometimes I forget how confusing it can be the you are new to the biz!

To help you out with this, I reached out to a good friend of mine, Brian Confer at The Headshot Truck here in Los Angeles, CA. Here we get a look inside an actual headshot photography studio and you find out exactly what to expect in your first headshot session.

How Do You Do An Acting Headshot & What Happens in Your Session

What is an ACTOR’S HEADSHOT? What should it look like? Do actors REALLY need headshots? Find out what the difference is between a Commercial and Theatrical headshot and why you need them!

Before you jump into your first headshot session, be sure to check out these….

What is an Actor’s Headshot and Why Do You Need One?

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  • Have you shot your first headshots yet?
  • Were you happy with them and are they getting you auditions?
  • What stage of your career are you at?
  • Where do you live? What city or town?
  • And what are your big headshot questions?

Head to the comments sections and post your answers below…. or even any questions you have. I promise to respond to every one!

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