for aspiring actors the Oscars can make you feel like a failure. Learn how to overcome the post-Oscar blues!

Overcoming the Post-Oscar Blues

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Did you watch the Oscars last night? And if so, how did it leave you feeling?

It goes without saying that The Academy Awards are Hollywood’s biggest ceremony and biggest night of the year! For the people involved, what happens on Oscar night will directly impact at least the next few years of their career.

But for the rest of us, it can reinforce the gap between where our acting career is right now and where we’d like it to be. For many working actors and aspiring actors, Oscar night can feel like a mashup of breath-taking wonder and deep despair. And if this is you, you’re not alone!

If the Oscars left you feeling completely inspired, lit up and ready to go for your dreams, AWESOME!  Keep going and move along!

But if you’ve suddenly felt yourself plunged into an emotional pit and your inner critic is screaming, read on.  Here are a few tips to help you work through the post-Oscar blues, soothe your soul and use the energy in a positive way.

Name your feelings.

Maybe you are completely thrilled for all of the winners, and maybe not. The first step to dealing with any strong emotions on any subject is simply to name them – no judgement, just let it flow. Take a few minutes and write down how you feel or even speak it out loud. Some example might be:

  • It’s never going to happen for me
  • How do I get that?
  • No one ever gives me a chance.
  • I want that life so bad!

Honor your feelings.

The next step is simply to honor your feelings as being valid. This doesn’t mean sharing them with everyone, or even anyone, but also try not to judge yourself or your emotions. Sure, some of the thoughts maybe not so nice, but they are just thoughts and feelings, you don’t have to act on anything. For the moment, just accept they are there. 

Feel your feelings.

Eeeeeewwwwww! This is the yucky part, but if you want to be an actor, and actually get paid to “feel out loud” on camera, you have to learn how to feel your own feelings first. There are days when I’m okay with this and other days I run from my feelings like a gazelle from a hungry lion own the Serengeti! This can be ugly. And messy. But take some time and just sit with those feelings, whatever they are. 

This single step will make you a far better actor.

How can you ever play jealous, or hopeless, frustrated or marginalized, or whatever feelings this event brought up if you don’t allow yourself to experience the same feelings first. Take your time. Be easy on yourself. And when you’re ready, move on to the next step.

Tell your inner critic to take a back seat. 

Artists, I think more than anyone else, have HUGE inner critics. These are nasty, foul creatures that only exist to “keep you safe”.  They will say anything to keep you playing small or maybe just to numb you out, like, “You don’t really want that anyway. Celebrities are all fake.” Or, “You’re never going to make it, so why not just give up.” 

When your “inner critic” becomes active, memories of past failures and disappointments replay on a loop. Your past does not equal your future.  For the moment, don’t give your inner critic anymore airtime than you would a blabbering drunk on the street. Just because it’s the voice in your head doesn’t mean it’s the voice of God…. Move on! 🙂

Get into Action!

So now what? You’ve acknowledge all of the nasty emotions, so what are they really pointing at? Strong emotions simply show you what’s important to you; What do you really want? If the Oscars kicked up high emotions in you, try to use the energy to fuel your commitment and double down on yourself and your dreams.

Take a few minutes and write down 3 Next Steps you can take in the next month to move your acting career forward.

Progress may be slow, but quitting never speeds it up!

Lastly, take even a small amount of comfort in the fact that if you are an actor, it’s just about impossible to feel neutral about the Oscars. Similarly, it’s just about impossible to feel neutral about money; both are highly emotionally charged subjects because of the meaning we attached to them, and the impact each one could have on our lives. 

It’s okay to be impacted, as an actor that’s a big part of your job. Just don’t get completely caught up in it and don’t let it stop you. Start taking those three steps right now!

What are the 3 Action Steps you’re going to take in the month ahead? Share them in the comments below… you never know who you might help!

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