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Masterclass with Casting Director Bella Hibbs

Would you like a chance to talk directly to a casting director? LA + SW casting director, Bella Hibbs is teaching a FREE master class for actors! 

Bella shares insider secrets of the casting process in a way that every actor’s brain can process it and remember it…. visually.
No more boring presentations! She really wants to help actors do their best in every audition, so I wanted to share this with you. 

Bella Hibbs Masterclass

Learn more and sign up here.

It’s all about acing the audition, winning the callback and booking the job if you want to be the kind of actor who works consistently. Here are the bullet points of what Bella’s going to cover:

➤ The secrets to the actors toolbox; what you’ve got an how to use it

➤ How to create an emotional connection with your character and the how to convey this emotion in your tape or in the room

➤The 5 biggest mistakes actors make in their auditions

Grab your ticket here!

Comp Ticket for Live Masterclass with Bella Hibbs
– How To Book The Job By Booking The Room –

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Bella always shares a ton of value and she’s teaching this
masterclass LIVE and for FREE one time only. 🌟  

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