1:1 Intensive Actors Accelerator


It’s Your Time to
Shine Brighter

Let’s work together one-on-one to create a MAGNETIC and MESMERIZING acting career for you. With your unique “personal vibe” in a way that makes You competition proof.

This isn’t for everyone…
It’s only for the most passionate and dedicated actors who a ready to step into the spotlight…

Let’s get personal in this 1:1 Intensive where we take a deep dive into what you need to book work as an actor today…. at any age, in any city.

Are you ready to start booking more acting work in the next 90 days?

Let’s do this!

  • ✦ Do you ever feel like you’re auditioning for the wrong jobs?
  • ✦ Are you exhausting yourself “trying to book anything”?
  • ✦ Do you cringe when you tell someone you’re an actor… waiting for them to ask, “So have I seen you in anything?”
  • ✦ Would you love to have a 20 year career veteran peek over your shoulder, snap your marketing material into place and give you the exact next steps to book work…. Even  WITHOUT AUDITIONING?

I got you!

The truth is, casting directors, directors, producers and agents are hoping that you’re going to be an answer to their prayers.

They want you to paint a picture for them so clear that there is no doubt who you are, what you’re personality type is and exactly what characters you should play. 

They want you to nail your niche. Because it saves them time, makes them look good… and.. oh yeah…. EVERYONE makes more money 💰

For a very limited time I am offering  1:1 #BOOKEDIT Actors Accelerator at a crazy low price….

Starting at just $297 we’ll package up your unique talents, skills, style and personality in a fresh new way that makes you virtually competition proof.

You’ll be ready put yourself out there with confidence and attract the right industry peeps. You can finally stop auditioning for the wrong jobs and start attracting the right opportunities.

Let me show you how to….

  • 🌟 Nail your niche… not just make up a flashy brand.
  • 🌟 Hone in on your unique talents, skills and “personal vibe” so you are virtually competition proof!
  • 🌟 Magnetize your marketing materials (pic, res & socials) to get you in the room and even book without auditioning
  • 🌟 Intuitively tune-in to fun cool ways to make enough money in the entertainment industry to quit your day job
  • 🌟 Pinpoint exact next steps for getting more work and making more money 💵 using your acting skills & abilities
  • 🌟 Go from being paralyzed about next steps to confident, knowledgable and excited!


  • 🎉 Recommendations and resources to turn to as your career continues to evolve.
  •  🎉 Laughter, Brainstorming, Mentoring and Conversation

We can completely change the way you approach your career…. forever.

I’m not just giving you tons of useful info or another 💤  training video to watch, I’m doing it WITH you! 
Because one thing I know for sure… Action Educates You.
Have someone who has spent their entire life making a living in the entertainment industry show you the ropes!

Our time together will look like this…

  • ✦ We kick off with a 1:1 Career Audit in my signature “Spotlight Session“. This is the only way we can know what the next best steps are for You.
  • ✦ We’re going to get you clear on exactly where you can make money in the entertainment industry right now.

  • ✦ We’re going to work to get your materials so clean and so tight that they are “pitch perfect” … without spending a ton of money (or maybe even any!)

  • ✦ You’re going to submit on projects that makes the most sense for your career right now, and in a way to guarantee the maximum number of auditions and even book WITHOUT auditioning.

  • ✦ You’re going to focus on immediate results that feed into a long term plan… and of course I’ll prep you for this and give you the structure to plan moving forward.

🌟 Pro Package • 6 Weeks • $597

Complimentary Pre Session Assessment & Planning
Before we ever jump on a Zoom, I go over all of your materials, socials and career history and get to know You. This saves time and creates a better flow for our sessions. You get all of your questions answered and the most benefit out of our time together.

60  min Career Audit and Nail Your Niche Session ( via Zoom )
Together we take a look at who you are as an artist. Where have you come from? What have you done? What’s the big goal? And how do you get there? 
Then we hone in on your unique talents, skills and “personal vibe” and figure out what is so special that it will make you competition proof!
You’ll have a ton of reorganizing an revamping to do after the session to get you ready for the next steps.

60 min Monetize Your Magic Session  ( via Zoom ) 
Now it’s time to magnetize your materials and get you aligned  for the next big steps.
We review and wrap up from the previous session and make sure everything – Headshots, Resume and Social Media are pitch perfect to attract the right industry peeps and new opportunities.
Then we dive into a Next Steps Action Plan …. Do you need an agent or a manager? Is there a specific are of the industry or work to focus in on? What are the next steps to get there? 

6 Weeks of Unlimited Live 1:1 Coaching & Support via Voxer Whoa!! WHAT? Really?!  YES 😎 This is when you need the support the most… when you are implementing, testing things out and making those big changes. M-F, 9-5 shoot me a text or voice message … even send pics or video and I’ll get right back to you with on the spot coaching.
Maybe it’s a quick question or you want feedback on a job posting or your latest audition … I got you!
And even better… the 6 weeks of unlimited live coaching can begin anytime within 30 days of sign up!

* This alone is a $600 value! 

🌟 BONUS: Booking Actors Bundle

✨ Free Instant Resume Builder Bundle

✨ Free Audition Checklist, Self Tape Checklist & Audition Tracker

✨ Free Actors Business planner

✨ Bonus: Internal Flame Guided Meditation

*  These would be $150 to buy individually

👉🏻 Sessions must be booked with 6 weeks! Without the ongoing coaching you simply lose momentum and consistency and you don’t get results.

Please Note: All sales are final! There are no refunds on coaching or programs so be sure before you buy!


🌟 Starter Package • 4 Weeks • $297

You get almost everything above… without the 6 weeks of Unlimited 1:1 Coaching via Voxer

You still get…..

Complimentary Pre Session Assessment & Planning

60 min Career Audit and Nail Your Niche Session

60 min Monetize Your Magic Session


🌟 BONUS: Booking Actors Bundle

👉🏻 There is no in-between session support with this option 

👉🏻 Sessions must be booked with 4 weeks! Without the ongoing coaching you simply lose momentum and consistency and you don’t get results.

Please Note: All sales are final! There are no refunds on coaching or programs so be sure before you buy!

⭐️⭐️⭐️  Check out what some of my previous students have said
when I’ve done this in the past: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I always open up and share the REAL stories and real strategies you need to book more gigs…

As one student put it, “This is a real backstage pass!”

My goal is to give you a ton of value so you can start booking gigs RIGHT NOW. 🌟  

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