Private Coaching

Coaching for an actor is an absolute game changer! It can mean the difference between booking or not.

* Coaching Sessions are most often done via video conference. This is perfect for last minute audition coaching and self tapes, or if you’re not in LA. And if you are a Los Angelino, you’ll appreciate the time you save in driving and parking!
*In person sessions are available as well.

Prefer to take lesson online? You can also connect with me on

Biz Coaching

Let’s say you’ve done the Breaking Into the Biz Workshop and want some more in-depth personal attention, then this is perfect for you! We go over things you you want to move forward on and wish your busy agent or manager had time for. It may mean reviewing your promotional material, tightening up your headshots and resume, or planned for the next 3-6 months. It’s always tailored specifically to you and what you need right now.

Audition Coaching

Whether you have a big audition, a class or meeting with a casting director, there are multiple layers to an audition or self-tape that go way beyond knowing your lines, eye-lines and camera angles. I can help you prepare and perform like a seasoned pro.

In very quick bursts we dive into the character and merge that with technical expertise so your audition is always in your body and never in your head. This leaves you free to play! Coaching with me is always fun and we maintain that sense of play and enthusiasm that makes you magnetic in your auditions.

Voice Coaching & Dialect Reduction

This is one of my absolute passions! Did you know that “regionally specific dialects” change approximately every 20 miles?  Part of my vocal training included a deep dive into dialects or accents, how to master them and how to lose them. This is so much easier than you may think! It’s all about small modifications, mostly in the mouth and jaw that can completely change the way you sound.

How many sessions you need really depends on how much work you’re willing to put in between sessions. I can give you the keys, but this is really a case of practice makes perfect. If you find you’re not booking because of your accent, let me help you master “LA speak” otherwise known as the “non-regionally specific U.S. dialect”.

Hint: I’ve lived in 8 different countries so far and in the last month I’ve had 2 of my long time acting coaches say “Wow… I would have never known you weren’t from LA!”

Voice Overs

Voice Acting is a very specialized part of the industry, because your voice is all you have to rely on, and every little sound, breath and thought counts! In these sessions we’ll go over how voice acting differs from on-camera acting, creating and sustaining characters and voices for animation or video games, the nuances of narration and audio books and general voice and microphone techniques. I’ll also give you tips on how to improve your vocal control and take care of your voice for optimal performance.

For more about VO Training & Coaching click here.

Coaching Session Rates

* Sessions are done via Zoom video conferencing unless other arrangements have been made

  • 60 Minutes  – $80
  • 30 Minutes – $45

Next Steps

Once you have made a payment you will be given immediate access to my online calendar to book your session and detailed instructions for the next steps, how sessions work, direct contact information and instructions for uploading your sides.

Cancelation policy

Should you decide to cancel your session with more than 8 hours notice, a full refund is provided no questions asked! Where there is less than 8 hours cancellation notice, full session rate applies. This is just part of being accountable 🙂

What Others Are Saying

“Working one-to-one with Hunter was a liberating experience! She was insightful, knowledgeable, perceptive, and really stretched me past what I had thought I was capable of, all while keeping the work fun and inspiring. Hunter provides a fearless, creative, supportive and adventurous environment to grow your talent in. I highly recommend working with her.”  – Jerry Bannister, Actor

“Oh the clarity! Hunter is a gifted coach. Her insight, techniques and ease is incredible. Upon leaving my session I cracked open all the tools I feel I need to make my dreams come true, and my life a success. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to further and brighten their life. Thank you Hunter!! “ – Joey Bothwell, Actress, Dancer

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